Hello my name is Jody Brown, this website showcases my works in photography, time-lapse, film and website design.You will also find news of my current projects, my whereabouts and an online store where you can purchase digital prints on canvas or professionally framed pieces of my work. I currently live in Lake Hawea in the South Island of New Zealand, having relocated from one of the most remote communities in Australia, Warburton Indigenous community. Warburton Community started my current passion, night sky photography. The lack of light pollution in Warburton gave me an amazing view of the stars, thankfully New Zealand’s South Island also shares the the similar dark skies. At present I am working as contractor running workshops in various remote community’s teaching photography, film and creating websites for Companies and organisations.

See Australia like never before, in photographer Jody Brown’s Outback timelapse video


Night sky photography a consuming passion. To great effect, I’m sure you’ll agree! ABC open