It’s 3am and the dingos are howling around me as I set up, working fast. I’ve driven 50 kilometres out from my remote desert town, chasing a huge wildfire started by lightning strikes. Now the spinifex plains are glowing red in front of me, and the magnificent Milky Way shimmers above. There’s about thirty minutes to get the long exposure I want, so I ignore the isolation prickling at the back of my neck and start shooting.

My name is Jody Brown and I’m a photographer. I specialise in nightscapes, timelapse and working in some of the most remote places on earth.

I’ve loved photography since my dad let me borrow his SLR and I processed the black and white film myself. Photography has changed tremendously since then, but whether it’s darkroom or digital I still love refining images to tell stories about the most astonishing places and people on earth.

Photography has let me work with incredible people. From working with Aboriginal cultural leaders creating family portraits to recording very personal moments of celebration, I’ve been lucky to help people create images which are full of meaning and purpose.

It has also led me to my other passion: doing training and capacity building for arts and cultural centres. I have worked with organisations across Australia to improve their digital systems, develop creative programs and better engage with young adults and children. This has included making websites that are a pleasure to use, teaching emerging artists how to do light painting and building robust digital access hubs.

Landscape is a huge inspiration for me, but I also do portraits, macro, black and white, events, still life, underwater, performance, fashion and sports. Since 2009 I’ve focused a lot on time-lapse, specialising in capturing things which the naked eye cannot see such as stars, galaxies and flowing water. I love that timelapse can communicate scale and change: from the 24 hour operations of an enormous gold mine to clouds rushing over a mountain peak.



  • Genuine, archival-grade canvas
  • Heavy weight 440gsm Canvas
  • 40mm wooden frame
  • Mirrored wrapped edges
  • Ready to hang
  • Gallery-quality hooks, screws and wire



  • Acid-free matt boards and foam backing
  • White matt board (black can be arranged)
  • High quality frames 40mm profile
  • Premium archival printing
  • High quality finishing
  • Double-washed glass and stainless steel hanging wire